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Marvin Candle Sighting

Was watching inside the twin towers last night on discovery channel, and of all people to play the part as a MANAGER for a bank no other than our faithful Marvin Candle you have to check it out he is on right in the first 2 min and is shown regular through the rest of the episode....

Marvin Candle Played

Hong Zhu Escaped from North Tower, 87th floor

Hong Zhu (who has broken with Chinese tradition and reversed his name – "Hong" is his fist name and "Zhu," his family name) is in his 50s. He grew up in China and on 9/11, was working, with Harry Ramos, as a trader at May Davis. Like many of the people whose stories are explored here, Hong was at the World Trade Center when it was bombed in 1993.
In 2001, remembering the injuries caused in the 1993 evacuation, Hong initially decided to stay in the office when Harry and the others left. He phoned the emergency services for help but got no response and decided to go downstairs. In the stairwell he came across Harry helping Victor. Hong joined Harry but grew frustrated at Victor’s apparent inability to move. When the South Tower collapsed, all three grew fearful for the safety of their own building. Yet Victor again said that he could no longer move. When Hong yelled at him to move, a fireman came over and yelled, “Who are you telling him to move? You move!” Hong looked at Harry – whose eyes seemed to say, "You go, I’ll take care of this." – and so Hong ran. He only just managed to get outside the building when the North Tower collapsed. His first thought was “Thank God,” closely followed by, “Harry’s gone.” Today, like many survivors, he suffers from guilt.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Episode Spoilers For Season 3

Episode 3.01: A Tale of Two Cities (Kate-centric)Airdate: October 4, 2006

This episode will be Kate-centric and have flashbacks featuring a 60-year-old motherly, warm, and funny woman as well as handsome twenty-year-old Karl.

During an interview Carlton Cuse revealed: We pick up where we left off, but obviously there are different stories on different parts of the island, and, you know, we will get to all of them in the first few episodes. But like last year, we didn't deal with the raft survivors in the first episode. Not everything is going to be answered in the first episode. But the captivity story [with Jack, Kate and Sawyer] will definitely be addressed.

Episode 3.02: Further Instructions (Claire-centric)Airdate: October 11, 2006

The flashbacks also features Eddie, a sweet but torn caucasian male in his 20s. There will also be a trooper in his 30s.

It's Claire-centric and her flashback features Mike and Jan, a hippie-ish couple in their 50's. They are warm and kind, but also tough and protective when the situation calls for it.

Episode 3.03: The Glass Ballerina (Sun/Jin(?)-centric)Airdate: October 18, 2006

Sun has a dream of her future, featuring her 9-year-old daughter.

New character introduced in #303. Will recur. 'Colleen', late 30's, tough, obvious military training. Doesn't flinch when a gun is shoved in her face. Trusts few people on the island and only allows herself to be emotionally vulnerable in front of her significant other.

Colleen is set to have been a security officer when she was off the island.

Episode 3.04: Every Man For Himself (Desmond-centric)Airdate: October 25, 2006

[This] Desmond-centric [episode features] flashbacks of his time in prison. It features Warden Harris, a nasty man with a hate for Desmond. [The episode also features] 'Munson', a mild-mannered gov't bureaucrat in his 30's who shows his dark side when he finds out he has been betrayed by his wife.

Hanso Exposed.Com

Use the glyphs below to piece together the film to find out the real truth about us... .....

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All Glyphs up to date 8/3/06

Fragment Transcripts Ordered in potential sequence
Alvar Hanso narrating a 1975 orientation film:

© 1975 The Hanso Foundation * [Music plays...] (OHGE)

ORIENTATION * [Music plays...] (ZY6C)

"I'm..." [Music plays...] (4KVKLAYDM0)

"...Alvar Hanso." [Music plays...] (TRIBALWARS)

"If you are watching this film, you already know and have worked with Gerald and Karen DeGroot," (GMX18BCJ)

"...founders and masterminds of the DHARMA initiative. By now, you also know there are many research goals for our joint venture." (A0Y8)

"What you may not know is why we have assembled the DHARMA initiat..." (KU12PB5LV7)

"...ive. Why we have assembled the greatest minds in the world and given them unlimited funds and access." (90VDHOHU)

"As with all you've already been told, you are bound by your honor and commitment to keep what you are about to hear a secret." (7HKBH)

"In a few weeks, after your induction counseling and survival training, you and your colleagues will be shipped to a top secret facil[ity...]" (7TI)

"The precise location of the facility is known only to myself,..." (3ZGT)

"...the DeGroots, and the few high ranking members of my organization." (1EY8AZCZNA2)

"Why all the security, all the secrecy? The answer is simple." (VIX7ZXT97)

"The research is intended to do nothing less than save the world as we know it." (ZFTLZAGO014H)

"In 1962, only thirteen years ago, the world came to the brink of nuclear war. The United States and the Soviet Union almost fulfilled the promise of mutual assured destruction. A promise they continue to foster through a destructive Cold War." (XIGZ2Y10S2)

"After the Cuban Missile Crisis, both nations decided to find a solution. The result..." (M6XY398)

"...was the Valenzetti Equation." (E2LL1Z5E)

"Commissioned under the highest secrecy, through the U.N. Security Council..." (88CH)

"The equation is the brainchild of the Italian mathematician Enzo Valenzetti." (750NZF8X)

"It predicts the exact number of years and months until humanity extinguishes itself." (89RMCOCDC6D)

"Whether through nuclear fire, chemical and biological warfare, conventional warfare, pandemic, over-population..." (CHOCOLATES)

"The results are chilling, and attention must be paid..." (RXMHJH9Y)

"Only by manipulating the enviornment, by finding scientific solutions to our problems..."(XQGRMH)

"We will be able to change those core factors, and give humanity a chance to survive." (7C8R)

"Although the equation has been buried by those who commissioned it..." (RGMR)

"...panic. It has always been my belief that we ignore warnings at our own peril; and thus, the DHARMA Initiative was born." (56LHZJDCL7A4)

"DHARMA is an acronym for Department of Heuristics And Research on Material Applications." (E82KNI8L)

"It also stands for the one true way." (3GTVI0M11)

"...and through your research, you will help human..." (5BE)

"We have constructed several stations on the island..." (ING93A11RO86)

"...underground laboratories with the facilities you will need to do your research, with optimal expediency..." (R3PUX4)

"...all of the support you will need, including regular medicine and food drops will be made in perpetuity." (ESJ4X6EBNC)

"A radio transmitter has also been erected on the island..." (GZ2I)

"...broadcasting in a frequency and encryption known only to us." (VACCINE)

"The transmitter will only broadcast the core numerical values of the Valenzetti Equation." (V4UMMA)

"When, through your research, you manage to change the numerical value of any one of these factors," (PKDBAH7J)

"When you have created through science the [unaudible] ..." (GMIWRLHHNHM)

"You will know that the one true way has been found..." (RRGYXS)

"That is the work to which you have committed yourself. Change the core values of the Valenzetti Equation, and you will change the course of destiny." (KCQBMLI6)

"The fate of the human race is in your hands." (4R19Y0UXB6Y)

"Thank you and namaste." (FVH7N)

Thomas Mittelwerk speaking to a group:

[Music plays...] (IG3X)

"We all know what happened - the DHARMA Initiative failed." (44KU2VKQ)

"And in spite of every effort of the Foundation, we are gripped in the tyranny of those six numbers." (ZR2JI)

"We have tried to change those values by manipulating the environment in many, many ways." (NARVIK)

"We have done our level best, and yet..." (4HO)

"...this inscrutable equation keeps bringing us back to the numbers" (2NG39Z)

"So now, we have to take radical action..." (VOU8VPNPS5X)

"...and I just want to tell all of you, that I trust you to do what is best." (VDADOS7YRE0)

"the villages of Filan (?) and Vetul-Milani (?) have allowed us to test our vaccine on them." (25KOCJS6S6)

"They think they are infected by a virus carried by local macaques" (TROPICS)

"and they believe we are bringing them the cure," (0UJ2)

"So when you go in, you have to keep up the story..." (NZ59)

"You know it by heart, don't waver..." (748L)

"When the deaths begin you must comfort everyone with compassion and empathy" (354G8)

"Then the bodies of the dead must be brought to the station immediately for full genetic work-up" (307L97BDB9)

"We must make absolute certain we are hitting precise genetic targets..." (XWZW)

"...we have engineered into the virus." (PFKAB5QXK)

"The optimal mortality rate is 30 percent." (FLHO6CUM181)

"Our operatives at the Vik Institute have verified this figure. If..." (NANITE)

"...more or less people succumb, we have failed." (IRZ7)

"We need not take any more lives than is absolutely neccesary. Yes?" (OUDW)

"But Tom, these are people, innocent human beings, and we're just-" "If you knew, with mathemetical certainty, that you could end all famine, war, and poverty, what would you do...?" (FRXRUK9TQ)

"Exactly. You'd find the best way to get it done - precisely, surgically..." (VE5SMC)

"...without allowing for any more suffering than is absolutely necessary. (Sigh)" (THEFLASHLIGHT)

"It is not fair that innocents have to die so that we can perfect this virus" (BAX5OUX8T)

"...but I promise you, someone is going to hel[...]" (GLLV8B)

Rachel Blake being chased:

Mittelwerk- ""Is there something reflecting in the back?"Rachel- "Oh God!"Mittelwerk- "Somebody grab her!" (QUARANTINE)

Mittelwerk-"Hey! Hey! Get her!"(incomprehensible shouting)Rachel- "No! Get off me! Get off! No!"Man-"We got her."Rachel-"Get off me! No! It's-" (5XW3O)

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Welcome All Lost Addicts

Welcome all you Lost Addicts, thank you for visiting my blog. Everyday this blog will have updates, spoilers, character info. I will be answering any of your questions on Lost related topics from Lost Experience, Appollo Bar, Lost, ect..
Thank You and Namaste.